Question. I am not able to submit online application, it is slow. What should i do??

Answer : Please check your internet speed and see whether you have updated internet browser-Google Chrome/Internet Explorer etc. Still If you are not able to submit from your Home-PC, go to internet cafe where you will get good speed.

Question. I am an appearing candidate and waiting for last year result. I want to apply for Asst Comdt, can I apply? If yes, what should I write in certificate number column? 

Answer : You should tick on appearing in the particular degree column and fill the marks of available mark sheets (yearly/semester) and rest don't leave blank, fill zero in it. If you don't have provisional degree certificate, fill last year/semester mark sheet number in it.

Question. I have successfully registered for the exam using online application but I am unable to take a print out of acknowledgement.

Answer : There is provision to take print out from the same website. Use the option labelled "" on your screen.

Question. I don't have original convocation degree/provisional certificate. Can i sit for the preliminary examination??

Answer : Get a bonafide/affidavit from the college stating about provisional degree certificate/mark sheet and produce it while coming for preliminary examination.

Question. How to fill yearly marks in diploma/degree columns, Since it is mentioned semester wise??

Answer : Candidate to either fill total marks in first column or fill it yearly wise starting from first column. Please remember don't leave blank columns, fill zero in it.  

Question. Am I eligible?

Answer : All the advertisments of running online application are placed in HOME page in "New Events" and also in  "Download" link . Please read it carefully before applying.

Question. After successful submission of form, I didn't get my Roll no. Date & Time of reporting centre?

Answer : In every advertisement, we have given a particular date from which CENTRE particulars will be available after shortlisting. Candidates to take a fresh printout from "" in which all these particulars will be available.

Question. What is Character Certificate? Where will i get it ??

Answer : The certificate which defines your character is Character Certificate. You have to get it issued from College/School/Police Station/Any Gazetted Officer. The validity of this certificate will be 6 months from the date of Signing Authority.